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Saturday, October 16, 2010

IDECORE's Alfa Romeo Monza V8 Concept

This is IDECORE's (an acronym for "ideas, concepts, relationships") Alfa Romeo Monza V8,a new digital concept in honor of the Italian firm's centennial celebration. IDECORE, which bills itself as "independent designers and modelers", sees this model as an Executive Sport 2+2 with a next-gen Multiair V8 driving the rear wheels.IDECORE's Alfa Romeo Monza V8 Concept 

The car would measure 4.8 meters long, similar to BMW's current 6-Series. From the looks of it, this could also provide Alfa with a regular-production flagship coupe in place of its beautiful and very limited halo car, the 8C Competizione.

While Alfa has been reinventing itself lately with attractive small cars targeting younger buyers, a slick full-size coupe could very well be in the pipeline, especially since Alfa is rumored to be using Chrysler's large RWD platform for its long-delayed 169 sedan.

Since Alfa Romeo hopes to one day make a return to the US market as a BMW competitor, a car like this is something that can't be ruled out. Vent and rave in the comments below.

By Phil Alex


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