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Friday, August 6, 2010

hydrogen peroxide-powered helicopter Emits Only Water

The able architecture allows the pilot to move the ascendancy batten which tilts the capital rotor to ascendancy the administration of flight. If the batten is confused larboard or right, the baby rotor on the appendage is affianced to advice the Dragonfly turn. There are no pedals like those begin on a acceptable helicopter.

The Dragonfly has been in development for abounding years; Cavalcanti is the best contempo to assignment on demography the architecture public. Cavalcanti says he has spent three years adorning the aircraft afterwards accepting the design. Gilbert Magill started the abstraction in the 1950s beneath a aggressive arrangement to advance a one-man helicopter that was accessible to fly.

Magill’s architecture acclimated agnate hydrogen achromatize thrusters as the Dragonfly, but the admeasurement and ambit was not abundant to advance the military’s interest. The abstraction has back again bounced about until landing with Cavalcanti at Avimech, his Arizona-based aircraft aliment company.

Cavalcanti says the Dragonfly has added than 300 hours of flight time on the airframe and his aggregation has aureate it several hours with the contempo refinements to the propulsion system. He was demography orders at the big Airventure aerodynamics appearance in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and says it takes about four months for delivery.

The artlessness of a hydrogen peroxide-powered helicopter doesn’t appear cheap. The single-seater apparent actuality goes for $120,000.hydrogen peroxide-powered helicopter Emits Only Water

as seen on youtube below

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